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Drainage excavation work

Excavation Work

Drainage Excavation & Repair Work

ARD Local offer a full repair and renovation service for drainage systems both below and above the ground.

All of our work is carried out by qualified personnel who have been trained to meet the highest legislation and comply with all health and safety regulations.

We have a range of plant to help us with our every need.

A full range of health and safety equipment is used when working with machinery.

Drainage excavation experts

Image 1

Engineers preparing to expose the existing drain that was surrounded by roots and was running at the wrong gradient, due to it continuously re-blocking.

Image 1

Side angle showing large tress that have attached and penetrated the drain system.

Image 1

This picture shows main 12 sewer pipe with saddle connection connected wrongly by existing building company which has leaked for various years allowing the roots to enter the drain.

Image 1

This picture shows our engineers allowing to miss the existing pipe work (by his feet) by allowing a banks man to watch his every move with the 5 ton digger that we are going to replace with new PVC 100m pipe work.

Image 1

After cutting out the existing 4 clay drain, we have put in to improve the flow a new Milton ring manhole to allow the foul waste to fall at the correct gradient, preventing any blockages.

Image 1

Clearer view of Milton ring manhole that has been connected up to new 4 PVC pipe work for easy access in the near future

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