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High Pressure Jet Vac Tanker for High Pressure Jetting and Combi Tankers

A-R-D have their own mobile high pressure Jet Vac tanker units on standby which are called out if required for large domestic, commercial and industrial blocked drains in the London Area.
Our high performance Jet Vac units are used on a day to day basis to aid our engineers on site to clear blockages with suction and carry out commercial and industrial maintenance throughout London and all surrounding areas.

The picture below shows one of our engineers emptying an inspection chamber prior to CCTV inspection, using one of our older waste removal tankers, purely to remove foul waste in the chamber and pump waste into tanker, combined with high pressure water, to allow us to enter the camera and survey down stream.

High pressure Jetvac tanker

The high pressure Jet Vac is extremely powerful unit fitted with a big performance high pressure jetting pump capable of unblocking and maintaining sewers of maximum diameter and with sufficient suction to debris commonly found in an urban environment.

High pressure Jetvac tanker

ARD Local can provide Tankers to carry out removal of waste in many things:

- Cesspits
- Septic tanks
- Flooded basements
- Sewage spillage

Tankers are also useful to aid with:

- Flood damage
- Flood pump outs
- Repairing sewage pumps
- Contaminated waste removal
- Oil interceptors
- Petrol interceptors
- Unblocking gulley's

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